Mahmoud Loghman-Adham

Mahmoud Loghman-Adham, MD is a pediatric nephrologist by training, currently a consultant to pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Most recently, he was a Medical Director at Baxalta (now part of Shire), in Westlake Village, California. He provides strategic medical and scientific advice on clinical trial design and execution and on business development, including due diligence for new molecules to treat orphan diseases. Prior to joining Baxalta, he was a Senior Medical Director and a Translational Medicine Leader at Hoffmann-La Roche Inc, starting in 2001. He has led clinical trials from Phase 2 to 4 in anemia, renal diseases, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, emphysema/COPD, and hematology /oncology. He has worked on biomarker identification and selection and their incorporation into proof-of-concept clinical trials. His areas of interest include chronic kidney disease, nephrotoxicity, inflammatory/auto-immune diseases and pulmonary diseases.