Deanna Darlington

Deanna Darlington is an Advocacy Relations Professional with more than 25 years of experience in government and external affairs, patient advocacy, policy, reimbursement consulting, and other related fields. She specializes in engaging patient advocacy organizations on access and policy issues which includes a focus on health disparities for vulnerable patient populations. Deanna works closely with advocates on key policy issues that support dialogue and engagement to patient access to quality care and value. For 13 years, Deanna held various roles at Amgen Inc., that included policy and patient advocacy/alliance development.


Deanna also served as Director of Reimbursement and Policy at a number of other Pharma companies. Before joining the biotech and biopharmaceutical industry, she served as the first Reimbursement Specialist for the American Society of Clinical Oncology where she staffed the Clinical Practice Committee and developed the State Affiliate Program under the Association’s Public Policy arm.

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Lakshmi Sundar

Lakshmi is an intrapreneur and innately curious change agent passionate about transforming businesses and the lives of the customers they serve. In her 20 plus year career in the life sciences space, Lakshmi has served in leadership roles across the Marketing, Strategy, Technology, and Communications functions to help companies to break through fundamental market changes, get out of stasis, and scale for significant growth. Lakshmi’s strength in analyzing and breaking down complex problems, working with teams to craft and implement winning solutions, and communicating value propositions with gusto has helped her bring about change in both public and privately held companies that resulted in significant business growth/market leadership and reach across a variety of target audiences.

An early adopter of social media, Lakshmi has developed social media strategies for effective outreach, knowledge sharing, community building, and experience collating for audiences ranging from clinicians, clinical trial professionals, patients, radiology/cardiology technicians, radiologists, cardiologists, oncologists, and more. Additionally, Lakshmi has harnessed the power of webinars, online forums, conferences, and communities to bring the most current thinking to her target audiences, propelled them to discuss solutions to long-standing problems, and encouraged them to be active collaborators and problem-solvers to bring about much-needed change. In addition to her significant accomplishments as a business leader, Lakshmi is also a published author, a TEDx speaker, an avid enthusiast/communicator on social media on food/travel, and a coach/mentor to youth/adults navigating change.

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Susan Haynie

Dr. Susan Haynie is a Data Scientist and Applied Demographer specializing in custom geospatial, demographic and data analytics services. She creates unique research approaches by incorporating cross-industry experience and advanced skills in Alteryx (a leading data science, big data and machine learning platform). She has demonstrated success working in multiple industries including healthcare, retail, utilities, and entertainment. She is an expert in business information evaluation and acquisition, data cleansing, formatting of large unstructured datasets to reveal new information, and statistical and mathematical modeling.

Highlights of her work include identifying high-priority, at-risk consumers by analyzing sales data for a major medical organization; estimating health care and insurance-potential models for the elderly population based on geo-demographics and survey response patterns; developing models of age-specific fertility / mortality rates for China accounting for variations in the one-child policy and migrant population flows by region; and, following the 2008 Sichuan, China earthquake, calculating affected population counts and locating health facilities by varying levels of earthquake intensity, improving response time and resource mobilization for life-saving relief organizations including the IFRC. Dr. Haynie was awarded a National Institute of Health SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) grant –- “Small Area Demographic Estimates for China with Remote Sensing, GIS and Spatial Modeling.” She is a published author and has presented at conferences in the USA and China. She received her Ph.D. in Sociology (Demography and Advanced Quantitative Methods) from the University of Southern California, and was awarded the 2018 Alteryx Designer Advanced Certification.

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