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Designed for Women by Women

“Cancer is a leading cause of death in the world and we envision a world where this is no longer a deadly disease, rather one that can be managed, slowed and even stopped in its tracks…that day can’t come soon enough. We want to reinvent the patient experience as we know it. By working together with smart partners, bringing the best ideas to market and working with patients and doctors, we can transform this disease. – Lisa Kennedy, Rethinking the patient journey in breast cancer.

White House OSTP: Collaborative Innovation 2012

“We can bring innovation at scale to solve problems. For harder questions, it is about motivating a whole ecosystem of problem solvers to accelerate ideas to new diagnostic or treatment impact for patients. – Lisa Kennedy

NASA Space Life Science Innovation Lecture Series

“With the democratization of innovation, we should be able to eradicate a new disease every 5-10 years the way we did for smallpox in the last century” – Lisa Kennedy

Crowdopolis 2012: Disruptive Health Trends

“It’s an interesting place we find ourselves now – we’re in the morning twilight of a superconvergence that will bring technology together and change the way we solve problems – really democratizing problem solving and innovation and that’s going to have an exponential impact on healthcare. -Lisa Kennedy, Crowdsourcing Aims to Cure Cancer

Health Evolution Partners: Improving Health in Cincinnati

“Health starts in the home, the community and importantly in cities and begins with breaking down silos. Improving health outcomes in Cincinnati required the collaboration of 5 employers, 3 insurers, 3 local agencies, 3 national agencies, 5 hospitals, thousands of doctors and nurses and most importantly the 2.2 million health consumers living in the city. Only with this collaboration could advanced payment innovations, IT, quality improvements, patient center medical homes and consumer engagement tools really work to improve health.

SXSW 2013: Quantified Self

NPR: Morning Edition, 12 Mar 2013: “[Self-trackers] are incredible, disruptive pioneers in a space with long-standing consequences that will be able to help us find diseases and potentially save lives,” -Dr. Lisa Kennedy, The Most Talked About Tech and Culture Trends at SXSW Interactive
The Wall Street Journal, 12 Mar 2013: “Data is the next currency for health,” -Dr. Lisa Kennedy