Exceedingly good service, extraordinary strategic insights and unparalleled expertise. Innopiphany specializes in life science consulting focused on market access, large scale data analytics, modeling, forecasting and evaluating market opportunity. We have worked in over 30 countries and have extensive expertise in the U.S., United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan and South Korea. We have a 100% repeat business rate because our clients cannot replicate the service they find in us anywhere else. As our client, we will go above and beyond in making sure that you have the insights you need to be successful. Our services are outlined below:

Helping you understand & quantify the Market Opportunity

  • ​Opportunity Assessment
  • ​Market Forecasting & Scenario Analysis
  • ​​Competitive Analysis
  • Indication Sequencing
  • ​Business Planning
  • ​Financial Analysis
  • Pricing & Reimbursement & impact on market opportunity
  • ​Investor Presentations
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Decision-making & Strategy Fluent in Data

  • Data analysis planning
  • Digital health strategy
  • Implementation science & RWE
  • ​Database cleaning, preparation & dataset blending
  • ​Predictive analytics & next generation analytic platforms
  • Real-time data incorporation into decision-algorithms for rapid insights
  • Strategic recommendations using a multi-disciplinary team
  • Outcomes insights that re-direct resources and thinking towards better patient health
  • Innovation employing data to inform decision-making with quantified impact
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Increasing your Influence & Policy Impact

  • ICER Unsupported Price Increase: national & state level
  • ​Pricing legislation at state & federal
  • Value policy strategy development
  • Surveillance & trend analysis
  • ​​Detailed value policy-analysis
  • Impactful tactical response
  • ​External communications & engagement
  • ​Internal messaging and training
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Successfully engaging the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review

  • ICER Unsupported Price Increase: national & state level

  • ICER Value Frameworks

  • ICER Product Assessments

  • ICER Readiness & Stage-gating tool

  • Proprietary searchable database of all ICER assessments

  • ICER Scenario Analysis and best practices tool

  • Stakeholder engagement

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Ensuring payers fund your product

  • Global reimbursement assessments
  • Advisory panels
  • ​ICER responses & experience going back to 2015
  • Health Economic study design and implementation
  • ​Peer-reviewed publication and value communications
  • Value framework global strategy
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Engaging patient advocacy organizations on

  • ​Access
  • Policy issues
  • HTA commentary
  • Health disparity
  • Representation
  • Manufacturer collaboration
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